How to Choose Flea Collars For Dogs?

Imagine you own a dog and love your pet more than anything else. After some time it catches a deadly disease and dies later. After consulting a vet, you get to know that fleas were the reason for the illness. The demise of your beloved dog can be incredibly depressing. In such a scenario, flea collars can be a solution. Flea collars can be very useful providing adequate protection from flea and tick infestation.

If you own a dog, you must pay particular attention to the purchase of flea collars which act as a preventive remedy. It fights with undesired insects giving relief to the dogs. However choosing the right flea collar may be a challenging task. Below are some tips were given that will guide you through the purchase of flea collars:

  • Type of flea collars

There are different types of flea collars available in the market that has distinct mechanisms to get rid of fleas. Following are listed some of them:

  • Insecticidal collars: these collars contain strong insecticides and pesticides like carbamate. The combination of these ingredients helps to kill the fleas or any other insect that will try to irritate your pet. However, the potent toxicity of chemicals is not suitable for sick pets. Chewing the product will lead to further poisoning so immense care must be taken.
  • Biological collars: these collars are entirely based on herbs and oils. These collars are relatively modern and more in use because they are environmentally friendly and safe for pet and owners as well. However, this type of collar will not work if the pet has already caught the disease.
  • Ultrasonic Collar: these collars are safe to use. The device emits ultrasound waves disturbing the parasites and forcing them to leave.
  • Size of the dog

The size of your dog will determine your selection. If your dog is large, go for a chemical or biological flea collar however for small breeds you can select any one of them.

  • Age of the dog

Many packaging of flea collars will mention the minimum age of the dog. Usually flea collars must be used only for dogs more than 4 to 5 months, but still, make sure you know the required age or else it will cause you problem in the future.

  • Quality of the collar

Ensure that the collar is of standardised quality. Always go for the best quality. Never compromise quality in case of choosing the cheapest one. If you want a bad quality collar, it might result in an allergic reaction or poisoning with intoxication. Study the characteristics of the product and take into account the individual features of your dog.

  • Other general factors

Go for manufacturers that have a well-known reputation. Compare the reviews and go for the best one. Always read the information on the packaging to get the information about the ingredients used in it. Never rush for the cheapest product; it may contain some substandard drug that will adversely affect your dog’s health. Keep in mind all relevant factors before choosing a flea collar to avoid unwanted circumstances.

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