Dog Comb: Which One is The Best of 2021?

When our furry finally arrives home, all are joys, but it also implies a great responsibility. The health of our best friend is essential for him and for us, so when choosing our pet we have to take into account, not only the breed, but also its size, its character and, of course, the type of coat.

If we choose a dog with long hair, we will need more time to maintain it. Sometimes the brush is not enough and it is necessary to have specific products to deepen in this type of fur, among them the comb for dogs, an essential tool to enjoy a healthy and happy dog, as you will see below.

The most important

Dog combs are essential accessories for our pet and a common tool in dog grooming salons.

The use of a dog comb is particularly important for long-haired or curly-haired dogs that require regular maintenance.

There are very different types of combs for dogs on the market, depending on the breed and coat of our dog.

It is necessary to consider various factors when purchasing a dog comb, including the size of the accessory or its ergonomics.

The best dog combs on the market: our favorites

There are many types of combs for dogs, some suitable for removing the dead hair of our pet during the molting season, but also specific for removing knots or to avoid annoying parasites in summer. In the following Ranking we offer you our selection, always with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. We started!

  • Best Stainless Steel Dog Comb
  • The favorite dog comb of online users
  • The best two-in-one comb for dogs
  • The most practical and functional dog comb
  • The best electric comb for dogs

Best Stainless Steel Dog Comb

Sometimes you don’t need anything complicated to remove tangles from your furry’s fur. A good quality comb, such as EQLEF®, made entirely of stainless steel, is sufficient. This utensil includes wide teeth, with which you can clean the interliner, and narrow teeth to remove dead hair, thus avoiding tangles.

The comb has rounded tips so as not to harm your pet and among its functions is the stimulation of the hair follicle. It measures around 20cm and has a 73% five-star rating. Users highlight its knot-removing functionality and great value for money.

The favorite dog comb of online users

This Marpilot comb is one of the best sellers on Amazon and not without reason. The product has 68% 5-star ratings and users highlight its usefulness for removing knots and removing dead hair during shedding. It does not require electricity or batteries and is indicated for medium and long coats at an unbeatable price.

The article has two faces with blades of different densities. In addition, on one side it has 12 teeth for complicated tangles and the other 23 for faster results. The tips are rounded so as not to injure the animal’s skin. It is made of resistant thermoplastic (TPR), harmless to the environment and of great quality.

The best two-in-one comb for dogs

ecute is a brand recognized for the quality of its pet products. This time it presents a two-in-one article, capable of detangling your pet’s fur, as well as removing dead hair after the shedding. In addition, it massages for blood circulation and reduces hair loss by up to 90 percent. For daily use.

On the one hand there is the comb-brush, with one side of 12 rounded teeth for knots, another side with 23 teeth indicated for fine hair. On the other hand, the universal comb is ideal for removing dead hair. It is made of ecological plastic and stainless steel. Ideal for short and long hair, users highlight its effectiveness and quality.

The most practical and functional dog comb

Grooming and cleaning your best friend also includes tear ducts, as Artero, a leader in pet products, knows. The article presented is a special comb to get rid of blemishes and dirt from your dog’s eyes. It is especially suitable for long-haired animals and the value for money is undeniable.

The comb has 42 very dense bristles with rounded tips to avoid damaging your furry’s skin. It is a robust article, with high durability and made of the best materials. The quality of Artero products is professional, as shown by this product and as also highlighted by users in the comments.

The best electric comb for dogs

Gardigo is a recognized German brand that is committed to ecological products and precisely in this line it presents an electric comb to remove all kinds of insects from your pet. Ticks, lice, fleas or other annoying parasites will disappear in a jiffy thanks to this tool that works by electrical impulses.

On top of that, it eliminates larvae without damaging the animal’s skin, which will hardly notice any pressure during the process. The product requires two AAA batteries and has an LED light and a cleaning brush. Ideal for short and long haired dogs, the size of the product does not reach 10 cm and offers a good price at an excellent quality.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About The Dog Comb

Dog combs are specific items for grooming and caring for our furry dogs. These items are different depending on their use and can be used to eliminate parasites or just to reduce the shedding of the coat during the shedding season, among other possibilities. Here are the most frequently asked questions among users.

What is a dog comb and what is it for?

Combs are one of the oldest utensils of humanity and, in fact, the most distant was found in an excavation in northern Europe and is approximately 10,000 years old. It is, as you already know, a flat tool with spikes made of different materials and intended for straightening and detangling hair.

The dog was the first animal domesticated by man, but its grooming was only consolidated after the 20th century, with the birth of dog groomers. These establishments are exclusively dedicated to the care and grooming of our pets with different devices and utensils, including the dog comb.

What are the advantages of frequent use of a dog comb?

The dog comb is an essential accessory in the grooming of our best friend. It is particularly important for long or curly haired dogs that require regular maintenance. Only short-haired pets can do without frequent combing. The advantages of these tools are many, as we see below:

Straightening and beauty: They smooth the fur of our pets and ensure their beauty after bathing.

Knot removal: They untangle the knots from the dog’s coat.

Hair loss : Frequent combing limits hair loss.

Dead hair: They facilitate the removal of dead hair in the molting season, so you will avoid having the house full of your pet’s hair.

De worming: There are new combs for dogs on the market aimed at eliminating fleas, ticks and other annoying parasites. There are also specific ones to remove fleas and nits, with very dense quills to carry out their task.

Lubrication: Thanks to combing, your pet’s skin remains lubricated because natural fat is distributed throughout the coat.

Circulation:  Combs, like brushes, stimulate your pet’s blood circulation.

When should the comb be used during my pet’s grooming session?

The comb with large and widely spaced teeth is essential before brushing in dogs with long fur. In this way, you eliminate stubborn knots, especially if you do the process daily. Remember that in winter this daily hairstyle is essential, since if the hair is very tangled it loses its protective function against the cold.

Why is it so necessary to remove knots from my dog’s coat?

Because if the long-haired dog’s coat is full of knots, the skin won’t breathe. The consequences of bad ventilation of the coat are, among others, that not even the antiparasitic pipettes penetrate. However, fleas and ticks are capable of getting through these knots, just like any type of dirt.

When the hair of a dog is full of knots, the folds of the skin cannot be distinguished, so it is not useful to use utensils with blades that can cause injuries. The ideal in these cases is a wide-bristled dog comb with sufficient separation between the teeth so as not to damage the fur of our furry dog.

Is it true that you don’t need to comb the water dogs?

No. It is a gross mistake to have this thought. It is true that the breed’s own dreadlocks are not combed at a dog grooming show, but the coat of a domestic dog must always be neat and groomed, so it is necessary to comb it daily to avoid parasites and dermatological infections that are difficult to remove. .

What types of dog comb are there on the market today?

There are a wide variety of dog combs in specialty stores. It is also possible to find them online, but first you must know their use and it is also important to use them properly. In general, you can find the following types of combs for dogs, as you will see below in the table that we have prepared for you:

Which dog comb should I choose to comb a short-haired dog?

Short-haired dogs, such as the Pincher or the Chihuahua, do not comb, they brush to collect dead hair and remove possible parasites. If your pet has short hair, it is best to opt for mittens for regular grooming and hygiene. They are the most advisable for their effectiveness and also because they will not damage your skin at all.

And what is the most recommended dog comb for long-haired dogs?

Long-haired dogs require more care with their grooming and maintenance. The most recommended thing is that you first pass a brush through the coat of fur and then proceed to the hairstyle with a comb with teeth that are well apart. In this way, you untangle any possible knots. Do this daily, if possible.

Try to be careful during the process to avoid pulling and not damaging the animal’s skin. If you comb your pet every day there will be no problems, even during the shedding season.

How often should I use the dog comb?

If we are talking about a short-haired breed, it is convenient that you use the mittens once a week, at least, except in spring and autumn, when the recommendation is twice during the week. If we refer to dogs with long or medium hair, it is advisable to comb them daily to avoid the fearful knots. Your dog will also appreciate it.

What budget do I need to consider to buy a dog comb?

They are not expensive, as you can see in the selection we offer in this guide. It is possible to buy a metal comb from approximately € 5, although if you choose this option choose a good material, such as stainless steel.

What exactly is the popular Furminator and why is it so well known?

Furminator is a shedding tool created by Angie Porter that is aimed at alleviating our pet’s hair loss. It has a stainless steel blade to remove dead hair and there are different models and sizes. Its price can reach € 30 if it is for long-haired dogs, but it is also more affordable.

Its use is more recommended in medium to long-haired dogs and should be used especially in spring and autumn, when our furry’s hair falls the most. It has been a resounding success in the market for specific products for pets due to its ease of use and effectiveness. In addition, it is made with high quality materials.

Purchase criteria

If you have come this far, you will have already realized that buying a dog comb is not as simple as it seems. It is necessary that you observe a series of aspects before purchasing one so as not to make mistakes and have to spend more money. The choice of this accessory must be subject to several factors, as you can see in the following list:

  • Breed and type of coat
  • Fixture size
  • Comb function
  • Robustness of materials
  • Ergonomics
  • User Ratings

Breed and type of coat

Make sure the type of comb is right for your pet’s breed and coat type. It is not the same to clean a Chow Chow than a German Shepherd or a Malamute. If your furry is long-haired, see what accessory he needs and consult a dog groomer or veterinarian if necessary. You will not regret.

Fixture size

It may seem like it is too much, but this factor also has its importance. There are combs of different sizes, depending on the breed or physical entity of your pet. They are generally presented in sizes S (small), M (medium) and L (large), unless they are unisex. Do not miss this detail to avoid having to buy more combs.

Comb function

It is not the same that you need to remove knots as you need a utensil to eliminate parasites. Each of the dog combs is indicated for a specific function, so the accessory will have different features. Analyze what you need it for before making the decision to acquire one for your faithful friend.

Robustness of materials

The durability of the dog comb is also a factor to consider. Choose robust and solid materials, always better if they come from a recognized brand. You can buy a comb in a supermarket or in the Chinese, but it may not have any guarantee. Always opt for the quality of the materials so that it will last you many years.


The word ergonomics refers to comfort when related to the design of a product. Opt for combs with a handle, if possible, so that they are comfortable to handle during the grooming process of your pet. Also make sure that the materials are comfortable for you, as well as for your furry one.

User rating

Even if you have this guide, it never hurts to check the 4 and 5 star ratings of a product. Also, check the comments, you can always find comments that refer to technical specifications of the product, which can be useful before the final purchase of an item.


Dog combs are essential accessories when you have a pet, especially if it is long-haired or medium-haired. In these cases, it is necessary to comb her daily to untangle and avoid knots in her coat. The combs smooth, stimulate circulation and remove traces of dirt and parasites from our furry hair.

Daily styling is essential for our best friends’ hair to look healthy and shiny. It is convenient to use them after passing a robust brush, in this way you will eliminate dead hair. Grooming should be daily, if possible, and if not as often as possible, especially in spring and autumn, the shedding time for our dogs.

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