Food to Take Care of The Health of Your Dog

The first aspect to consider when analyzing the health of your dog is the diet that we are providing. Many owners do not realize that the famous industrial croquettes have been manufactured through meat byproducts, chemical substances and elements and other fillers.

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For lack of time or for whatever reason, if you choose to buy food from our dog already prepared, you must locate brands that contain the meat of a minimum quality, complementing it with vegetables and other pets health tips. The excuse that its price is high can be refuted with the amount. When dealing with greater nutrients, the animal needs to eat less quantity. People often say that “we are what we eat.” This also applies to the pet of the house.

The water you give will also greatly influence the health of your dog. If we give water directly from the tap, it is a contribution of chemical products, so it would be ideal for a good water quality, or at least tap drinking water is not treated in excess.

In addition to good food, quality, and clean water, dogs are very vulnerable to all kinds of hazards in the environment such as pollution, pesticides, and various chemicals. All these elements are toxic to your body, as they accumulate in the liver and lymph nodes and can cause many diseases.

Healthy elements to purify

To detoxify the body of our pet there are many supplements on the market that contain herbs, antioxidants and other plant-based substances, very useful to cleanse vital organs, strengthen the immune system and help fight diseases.

Mistletoe and ginseng are among the healthiest herbs. In addition to providing antioxidant properties, they improve the circulation of blood and the resistance of white blood cells to diseases. With these elements, our dog will have more energy, in his daily life, and will also serve to slow down his aging.

Take care of your hygiene and healthcare

Depending on the pet you have, you should inform yourself about whether you have to brush it and how often, as well as how often to bathe it. It is very important to do it in the right way so that your health is not affected.

In addition, proper health care is essential for the animal to be safe. When adopting a pet, one must have control of visits to the veterinarian, as well as the relevant vaccines. Also, if you notice some strange behavior such as loss of appetite, rejection of water, excessive weight variation or slow play, go directly to the specialist to examine it.

Symptoms that your dog is healthy

There are certain symptoms of your dog’s health with which you will find that he has no problem. We name you one of them:

  1. The nose of the dog will be wet and fresh, of a dark color and without secretions.
  2. The eyes will remain clean and bright.
  3. The animal’s breath will not smell bad and its breathing should be slow, without agitation.
  4. The gums will have a uniform pink color. If we press on them, although at the moment they become whitish, they should return immediately to their original pink color.
  5. The teeth of the animal will be white and will be clean.
  6. Your ears should look clean and smell clean, and the hair will be shiny.
  7. The skin of the animal has to be soft, clean and flexible. There is a very simple check, which is to pull a little of the skin over the shoulder of the animal and observe that it forms a kind of tent. When you release the skin again, it should return to its original state quickly. If not, it is possible that the animal is in a process of dehydration.

The hygiene of your dog

In terms of hygiene, regular brushing is essential for young dogs.  This eliminates dead hair, dirt and external parasites, in addition to stimulating blood flow to the skin, with the ultimate consequence of obtaining a coat with better appearance, healthier and brighter.

When you are ready to bathe your pet, you have to bathe it only when you need it. Consider that many washes can harm your skin, leaving a matt result and less water impermeability.

The ideal thing when bathing is to use a bathtub (if the animal is a small or medium size) or a shower (in the case of large size). The water will be warm and we will use a quality shampoo. The bathroom will be carried out by rubbing and making sure that no water enters your eyes or ears.

Immediately, you have to dry with a towel. It is important that we dry it well, that there is no moisture left.

Supervises your teething and chewing

The type of food your pet eats is just as important as if it is done correctly. In the case of puppies, for example, it is essential that they have a ‘teether’, like a rubber bone, so that all their teeth come out.

Also, tartar and dental plaque should be checked frequently so that the animal can eat correctly.


If it is a puppy, you will need a suitable toy to bite when your teeth are coming out. You do not have to let him bite real bones. In the market, there are many suitable objects. At mealtime, if you have a sensitive mouth, it’s a good idea to soften your food by wetting it first.

Diet and exercise

Good nutrition and proper exercise are vital for the welfare of animals. Each pet has its own type of food that varies with age and weight. If you have any questions about your diet, go to the vet to show you the specific foods you should give him.

As for the exercise, it will also have to be adapted to the type of animal. Small dogs, for example, tend to be more energetic than large dogs, so they will need more time to play.

Train it

The best way to keep your pet away from any possible danger is to train it correctly. A first step is to recognize your name. To get it faster, you can pronounce it every time you congratulate him and feed him.

On the other hand, you must also get used to the small changes little by little. For example, if you plan to take a long trip by car, make some short trips with your pet beforehand so that you feel more comfortable.

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