This Is How to Clean a Dog Crate The Right Way

People treat dogs as family members because of their loyalty and love for humans. Over 48 million households in the US have dogs as their companions.

Humans classify dogs as social animals. They’re called man’s best friends because they thrive on human affection.

Dogs also like to keep their crates clean because they love a tidy home. With this, our furry friends need help in maintaining their space smelling fresh. Also, having a clean environment is one way of keeping a pet healthy.

To keep your pet healthy, you need to clean their cage from time to time. Continue reading to know more about how to clean a dog crate.

1. Check the Crate Material

The first thing you should do is check the material used in your dog’s crate. Knowing the material would help you decide on the right cleaning approach.

Usually, dog crates are wooden or metal. There are also dog crates made from plastic and fabric. Each material needs a different approach to cleaning.

Metal wire crates are the easiest to clean. These crates are durable and can take more wear and tear. It is perfect for small dogs regardless of their age.

Wire crates also have a tray at the bottom that catches waste. To clean, remove this part and get rid of the solid waste first. Rinse the tray with a hose to make cleaning easier.

Some people use wooden crates because it looks more attractive. Wooden ones are great for bigger dogs like Labrador Retrievers, the most popular dog breed in the US.

Wood is porous and may absorb odor. To maintain the quality, use a cleaning approach that uses a mild cleaning agent. If possible, go with a cleaning method that requires less water to prevent water damage.

Plastic crates are perfect for travel and transportation. They are one of the easiest to clean and dry. Use a brush to remove dirt and rinse with water to clean plastic crates.

Fabric crates are easy to store and move around. Puppies and smaller dog breeds use this because it is softer and warmer.

These crates can be spot cleaned and dried immediately. This method ensures that the fabric crate doesn’t lose its shape.

2. Clear Out the Crate

Clear out the crate by removing toys and beddings. Also, remember to clean the dog’s toys to remove bacteria and germ build-up. Doing this keeps harmful microorganisms away from your pet.

Dog toys are usually silicone and rubber. Soak the toys in a warm water solution for 10-15 minutes and then scrub. Then, rinse and dry before putting away.

If you have a rubber dog mat, remove it, then brush off the dirt. Rinse with a hose and set aside for the next step.

Continue the cleaning process by disassembling the crate. Cleaning is easier when you disassemble cause it gives you access to the smaller parts on the inside.

3. Wash the Bedding

It is good to wash the dog’s bedding to get rid of dirt build-up and unwanted smell. Your dog’s bed can get dirty because of playing outside. Washing the bedding helps get rid of disease-causing bacteria and germs.

Before washing, get rid of all the hair from the bedding by using a dry brush. You can also use a vacuum or a lint roller to remove all the excess. You can also get the job done by going outside and shaking it.

Next, remove the bed cover and wash at the highest temperature recommended. Then, dry the bed and bed cover and set it aside.

4. Use the Right Cleaning Solution

Choosing a mild cleaning solution is essential in cleaning a dog cage. Make use of a cleaning solution that can disinfect and get rid of the smell.

There are different materials in dog cages. Cleaning a dog crate with chemicals can affect the durability of the dog crate. Choose a cleaner that will not corrode metal or stain surfaces.

Go with disinfectants that veterinarians recommend. Veterinarian formulated cleaners are effective in getting rid of viruses and bacteria. Use KennelSol Disinfectant to keep your dog crate clean and your pets safe.

5. Clean the Inside and Outside

Once you clean the toys and the beddings, you can move on to cleaning the cage. Use different tools in cleaning a dog crate. Grab a brush and a water hose and head outside.

They recommend you to head outside when cleaning a dog cage. It’s okay to clean indoors for smaller dog cages. You can clean it in your bathroom or sink as long as it fits.

It is best to be in a well-ventilated place to make drying easier. Good ventilation will prevent mildewing after you clean the cage.

Go to a place where the dog is nowhere near you while you clean to keep them safe. Dogs are playful, so keep them in a separate room to make cleaning faster.

Scrub the inside of the crate with a brush and the cleaning solution. Use a cloth for metal wires to get into the nooks and crannies. Next, spray it with a hose to remove any debris stuck in the cage.

Once the inside is clean, proceed to the outside. Spray the cage with water to loosen the dirt, then start brushing. Rinse both the inside and outside for the last time before drying.

Metal caged needs to dry immediately to avoid rusting. Use a towel to get rid of the excess water in the cage. Allow the dog cage to dry by letting it air dry outside.

6. Reassemble the Parts

The last part of pet cage cleaning is reassembling. Make sure everything is clean and dry before doing the final step. You can now prepare the bedding and get the dog’s toys.

Double-check if all the parts are in the right place. Make sure that the metal wires are not sticking out to avoid harming your pet. Take the cleaned dog cage where it usually sits in your home and start assembling.

Once all parts are in place, arrange the beddings and put the toys inside. Finally, let your pup enjoy their clean dog crate.

Follow the Proper Steps on How to Clean a Dog Crate

This dog crate advice will help you make the right decision for your pup. Like humans, pets would also like to live in a clean environment. Follow these tips on how to clean a dog crate and let your pets enjoy their homes.

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