How to get an ESA Letter for Housing in 2022: Complete Guide

Pets are known as best companions. That is why they are considered family members most of the time. But sometimes, the pet owners have to face issues to have their cannons by their sides because of their rental buildings’ strict no-pet policies or face unnecessary pet charges that can burden their pockets.

However, if the tenant has a health condition and his/her pet can help soothe with its innocent acts, the tenant’s pet can help him get out from his/her anxiousness or depression. Under that condition, the tenant can assign his/her pooch as an emotional support animal (ESA).

But What Laws Or Regulations Help A Pet Get Recognized As An ESA?

Well, emotional support animals are covered under the Fair Housing act. This act protects the equal accommodation rights of the tenants who are suffering from any mental health condition that can be cured with the support of a pet or an emotional support animal.

But, now the question is:

How To Convince Your Landlord That Your Pet Is Not Only A Pet But Also An ESA?

The straight answer for this question is an emotional support animal letter for housing. This letter can help your pet get recognized as an emotional support animal. Read the following article to learn more about ESA letters for housing and how to get it affordably and conveniently:

What Is An ESA Letter For Housing?

An emotional support animal letter or ESA letter for housing is a legal record that clarifies your emotional support animal is not any ordinary animal. It is a part of your therapy or treatment like other medications. With the help of an ESA letter for housing, you can convince your landlord how vital an emotional support animal is for your better health. Also, an emotional support animal letter allows you to waive off any additional pet fee, pet deposit, or any other pet-related unnecessary charges.

But keep in mind that there are some conditions to obtain an ESA letter for housing. Keep reading to find out the requirements to get an emotional support letter.

Let’s start with:

What are the Qualifying Conditions To Apply For An ESA Letter For Housing?

A person who has a mental health issue, like:

  • Depression
  • Social or any phobia
  • Anxiety
  • Or any other issues

The person can apply for an ESA letter for housing.

Who Can Sign An Emotional Support Animal Letter For Housing?

Any licensed mental healthcare professional (LMHP), such as therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, and more, have the authority to sign and issue an ESA letter for housing.

How To Find Out Whether Someone Qualified For ESA Letter or Not?

The best way of finding out whether you qualify or not is to connect with a licensed professional. The professional will evaluate your health condition to determine whether you need an ESA or not.

How To Connect With A Licensed Professional (LMHP)?

Connecting with a professional can be challenging if you have to wait long to get an appointment or visit a professional without scheduling an appointment. But when you opt for an online platform, you don’t need to face any hassle or ever get out of your home. You need to visit the website and follow the below-mentioned steps, and you will get your letter at the comfort of your home:

STEP 1: Provide Your Information

Provide your information, including your name, address, the state where you reside, your contact information plus email ID, and how many pets you have (If you have a pet already). Then move to step 2.

STEP 2: Answer The Simple Questionnaire

In step 2, you will need to answer a few questions regarding your mental health condition. It will take up to 3 minutes, and then submit your answers. Remember, answer all questions truthfully. This will help the professional evaluate your condition precisely. Now it’s time for the next step.

STEP 3: Get Evaluated By An LMHP

Well, in this step, you don’t need to bother because all work will be done by the professional who will review your application carefully to evaluate whether you can be healed with an ESA or not. It may take up to 24 hours (Depending on the service provider you choose for applying) for the whole evaluation process. But if you are residing in California, you will need to wait for 30 days because of their new laws and regulations.

STEP 4: Receive Your ESA Letter

After the evaluation, if you qualify for an emotional support animal, then the professional will write an ESA letter for housing on his/her official letterhead, which will include:

  • Your Information
  • Your Health condition and detailed information about laws and regulations state you need an ESA.
  • Your pet’s information
  • The professional’s name, sign, license number, issued date of the license, and contact information.
  • The issued and expiry date of the ESA letter for housing.

You will receive this letter in PDF format via email. Now, let’s move to the last question:

Which Are The Top ESA Letter Service Providers?

When it comes to the service providers, consider Fast ESA Letter, My ESA Therapist, and ESA Letter California that provide legitimate emotional support animal letters for housing. Here is why these service providers are considered as top ESA letter service providers:

Fast ESA Letter

Fast ESA Letter is one of the legitimate and reputed USA-based ESA letter service providers you can trust. The team  Fast ESA Letter has changed more than 60,000 satisfied customers’ lives with their quick, legitimate, and straightforward services all over US states. They ensure that you will receive your letter without breaking the bank.

Team Fast ESA Letter has been made a quick and straightforward process to obtain an emotional support animal letter from their professionals. You will need to fill in your information and answer a simple questionnaire that includes questions regarding the health condition set up by their professionals. After answering the questions, you will need to submit the application and wait for the evaluation. Your answers will be evaluated by one of the licensed mental healthcare professionals to determine whether you qualify for an ESA or not. After the assessment, if you are eligible, you will receive an ESA letter via email, or team Fast ESA Letter will refund you the total amount. The whole process will take up to 24 hours.

Note: Due to California’s new rules and regulations, you will need to wait for up to 30 days to receive your ESA letter.

Fast ESA Letter has a team of experts and customer executives ready to help you 24*7. Whether you are applying for the first time or a previous client, they will help you with whatever you need.

My ESA Therapist

My ESA Therapist is a USA-based healthcare organization determined to offer you an ESA letter for housing services in less than 48 hours. They made more than 20,000 customers happy with their secure ESA letter services. Like Fast ESA letter, you will need to fill in your application, answer a simple 3-minutes questionnaire, submit your application, and wait for the evaluation. After the assessment, you will get your ESA letter through the email you provided while applying. Like Fast ESA Letter, they provide legitimate emotional support letters at affordable prices. A full refund is available if you will not qualify for an ESA letter.

ESA Letter California

Even ESA Letter California can be described as an online service provider based in California. However, they also provide ESA letter services in all US states. They have made thousands of customers satisfied with their security services. Like a Fast ESA letter, you’ll need to complete your application, complete an easy three-minute survey to submit your application, and wait for your assessment. After the evaluation is completed, you will receive your ESA letter by email. They also offer a full refund for those who are not eligible for ESA letters.

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