MEMORABLE CAT PORTRAIT For Remembering Those we Love


Getting a cat portrait made is one of the most popular ways of showing love towards your furry friend. These portraits are not only cool but also have an emotional value attached to it. There is nothing such as a good or a bad portrait. What truly matters is the emotion behind it!

The artist who makes your cat’s portrait puts in a lot of effort into it. This is something a simple photograph can not do. Portraits capture the soul of your cats and not just the physical being. 

You can also get yourself a custom cat portrait that is designed according to what you want. These illustrations are usually done keeping in mind the consumer’s ideas and how he wants it to come off.

Reasons to Get A Cat Portrait

Now, there are multiple reasons why getting your cat’s portrait done is a good idea. 

Capturing the True Personality – For starters, your cat is like a member of your family and a portrait does the job of capturing the true personality of your cat. The portrait will always be there even when your beloved pet passes off. It will not only look good but will also remind you of all the good times you spent with your cat. 

A Memory to Cherish for Years and Years to Come – Cat portraits serve as a means by which the memory of your cat is preserved for a long time. Generations will get to see the portrait to get reminded of the cat. Cat portraits also serve a great purpose when it comes to getting over the loss of your furry mate. It is a means by which you can get over the feeling of loss as the grieving process is expedited.

Where Can You Get Your Cat Portrait Made?

You can get your cat portrait made using social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. They both have hundreds of pages dedicated to making cat portraits. And the best part is you can just scroll through each of their works as most of the illustrators like to showcase their work to get more customers. The Internet is also a good way to find outlets and portals which deal in these portraits. You can just have a look at them by just googling what you want. These social media shops are also affordable, therefore you don’t need to worry about a huge strain to your pockets!

Summing It Up

With just a photo or two of your dog or your cat — or your pet bird, horse, snake, bunny, hamster, or chinchilla — artists can make paintings, embroidered gifts, and digital masterpieces you can print and frame. A pet portrait can be a great way to show how much of a part of your family your pet really is, and it can also be a beautiful way to honor a pet who has passed away.

These options for all budgets also make great gifts for the friend or family member, whether their new puppy is all they’re able to talk about or their pet has been by their side for years. Because believe it or not, the past few months have flown by, and we’re already creeping up on the holiday season.