The Video of The Dog Shot by The Police in Grenoble Unworthy of All France

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Despondent dog I Ethan Hu

Video has revolutionized France … While animal protectors and citizens throw their hands to the head, the authorities and the police they are not so clear … We show you the video.

The events took place in l'Isle-d'Abeau (French commune of Isère) a few days ago, and in the following video we can see how the police try to catch a dog in the street: you hear up to three shots and how the author of the film protests, asking the agents to kill the dog to avoid further suffering after the first shots against the animal. The indignation and anger of this citizen, who comes to insult the authorities, have been shared by a large part of the country, which has mobilized and protested on social networks so that this fact is not unpunished. [19659005] The video that has outraged France

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Apparently, the police had received a warning regarding this dog, of American Staffordshire breed, and three agents came to shoot down an animal that "should be tied and gagged ", explained Alain Jurado, mayor of the town, in statements collected by the French media Jurado, in addition, has denounced the behavior of the citizen who filmed the agents, considering that it is inadmissible the insult to the authorities in those moments of tension.

– Publicity Announcement –

For its part, the Humane Society of France – and public opinion – affirms that it will denounce the facts by a voluntary attack on an animal. About 4,000 people have already signed the petition. The investigation, which will also have to go as a witness the owner of the dog, will be the one giving the answers. Finally, the dog died a few hours after the events; but it was not the three shots by the police that ended his life, but the intervention of a veterinarian was necessary to sacrifice him and stop suffer – as requested by the author of the video –

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