These Are The Most Wanted Dog Breeds

Do you want to know which have been the most searched dog breeds on the Internet during 2020? Write down your ranking mentally before opening this article, so then you will see if you are correct.

Before unveiling the top 10 of the most “googled” breeds this year , let us make an argument in favor of mongrel dogs: even if they don’t appear on the list, they always occupy an important place.

A large number of homes in our country have a mongrel dog – unique, different and unrepeatable – as a member of the family. So don’t forget about them.

That said, we go there with the ranking of the most wanted dog breeds.

What does Google say?

The following list of 10 breeds has been drawn up from an analysis of the searches of Spanish users on Google in 2020.

As everyone knows, Google is the main search engine online and, therefore, the searches carried out on it offer reliable information about the interests or preferences of users.

So let’s see what dog breed names Spanish users have searched the most times throughout this year. For this, the Semrush platform has been used , a benchmark among online visibility analysis tools.

Top 10 most wanted dog breeds in 2020

This breed of Polish origin and small size or toy is the one that has caused the highest number of monthly searches on the Internet, but the podium is shared with the Maltese Bichon and the Border Collie.

Although surprising by the current size of this breed, the ancestors of the Pomeranian were sled dogs that came to Europe through Pomerania (a region located in the north of Poland), coming from Iceland and Lapland.

The current Pomeranian dog does not usually exceed 3.5 kg. and this is due to selective breeding, which has been selecting smaller and smaller specimens. However, it retains the robustness and coat typical of cold weather dogs.

Border collie
From a few years now, the Border Collie has become one of the most popular dog breeds in Spain. However, it must not be forgotten that it is a working dog, genetically selected for herding and that, therefore, it needs a high level of exercise, both physical and mental.

Border Collies are very intelligent dogs with a great capacity for communication with humans. They have a high level of trainability. Of course, they need a lot of dedication since they are very active dogs. They have a privileged brain and you have to give them a lot of power in the cognitive aspect. For this, training sessions, smell games or interactive toys are ideal.

Maltese bichon
The Maltese Bichon shares the podium of dog breeds most sought after by the Spanish in 2020 with the previous two.

The ancestors of this little dog lived in the ports and coastal cities of central Asia. They were used to hunt mice and rats found in port warehouses and ship holds. Today, they are family dogs and great companions to their human caretakers.

Beagles are a small-medium sized breed of dog. They are hounds , and have been popularly used for hunting, as trackers for hares, rabbits, etc. They have a very powerful sense of smell and that has made them a breed of prohibited substance detection dogs.

They are cheerful and very sociable dogs, with a very manageable size. Perhaps these three characteristics have made them one of the favorite dog breeds in our country.

It is a breed native to Germany. Rottweilers are molosser-type dogs , with great jaw power. They have been trained as guard dogs or police dogs around the world, although today many families have incorporated them into the home with no pretensions other than to enjoy their company.

Golden and Labrador Retriever
Of course, the Golden and the Labrador could not be absent from the list of dog breeds most sought after by Spanish users, since for years they have been two of the most popular. Their sociable nature and high level of trainability have made these dogs a classic in Spanish homes.

The Golden and the Labrador Retriever are what are called “collection” dogs, genetically selected, originally, to bring down the prey during the hunt. Today they can be seen as guide, assistance or therapy dogs, among other functionalities.

The Doberman is a robust, muscular and powerful dog. In times past, this breed of dog was very popular as a guard and protection dog. He was extensively trained to serve as a police dog and also in the military.

Dobermans are dogs with great intelligence and sensitivity and, far from what some people think, if they are educated with patience, love and dedication, they are fabulous dogs.

Sadly, Pitbulls have long been one of the most abused dog breeds by humans as they have been used as fighting dogs.

This is a race native to the United States, with great physical power. Currently they are considered within the list of potentially dangerous breeds, precisely because of their physical complexion, although when they are educated with patience and affection they can be extremely friendly and loving dogs.

German shepherd
The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds, for many decades. They are very versatile and adaptable dogs. They are one of the breeds considered more intelligent and, in the popular imagination, they always appear as the typical “police dog”.

Unfortunately, poorly focused selective breeding has caused some German Shepherd lines to suffer from serious dysplasia problems.

French bulldog
The French Bulldog is one of the dog breeds that has been gaining more and more popularity in our country in recent years. Its small size and calm character have led it to “become fashionable”, especially in urban settings.

Although their name might suggest otherwise, these dogs were bred for the first time in England and not in France.

And so far the list of the most searched dog breeds on the Internet by Spanish users during 2020. Next year we will do the same analysis exercise again to see if the positions are maintained.