Dog Grooming Tip: Choose a Hair Clipper Machine

best dog grooming clippers

Dog Grooming Tip: Choose a Hair Clipper Machine In some cases, it is best to consider the option of buying a hair clipper for our dog. If your dog behaves well, there is time, skill and patience. You can try as long as you have the tools you need to do the job. In this … Read more

6 Tips to Take Care of Your Pet

Cat to Eat

Here is the tip “take care of a pet”. Animals are living beings that require all our attention and attention. Many of them have been faithful companions who have been with us in our homes for the rest of their lives. If we decide to keep a pet at home that suggests a lot of … Read more

Eight Tips For The Care of Pets Around The Holidays

The Council of Veterinary Schools of Catalonia (COVC) has developed a series of recommendations with the aim of facilitating the return of pets and their owners to the routine after a vacation, especially in summer.

The return of a vacation can be difficult for pets, especially for cats and dogs. The resumption of routines requires an adaptation of pets and specific attention. Whether they travel, or stay with other caregivers, there are a series of recommendations to consider in order coping with the change in situation.

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10 Tips to Take Care of Your Dog in Summer

With the arrival of summer, our dogs suffer especially. And we no longer speak only of the heat but, also, of the consequences of our life habits with the arrival of the holidays: changes of house, changes of schedules and, even, change of the familiar surroundings.

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15 Tips For The Care of Diabetic Dogs And Cats

15 Tips For The Care of Diabetic Dogs And Cats

Diabetes is a disease that can also affect our pets, and therefore we must know how to establish guidelines for their care.

The diabetes is a disease that is fairly common among our pets. As long as it is caught on time and the proper treatment and habits are put in place, it does not have to pose a risk to the life of the animal, but the diabetic dog or cat does need specific care, especially regarding diet and day to day.

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6 Care Tips For Your Pet in Spring

Allergies, insect bites, parasites … These are the common problems that spring brings, learn some tips to prevent your pet from suffering them.

Spring brings with it some changes in the routine of our pets. The sun and good weather cause that the rides lengthen and that the visits to the field are more habitual, something really healthy for the health of our pets whenever we have the necessary precautions to avoid the common diseases of this time of the year.

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