What To Do If Your Dog Seems Depressed?

Anyone can suffer from depression, whether a human being or not. So, our furry friends are not different. Dogs can also suffer from sorrows like us. It is because they are emotionally wise. So, if there are any significant changes in life or any emotional disruption, it will dampen their spirits. It may become more apparent in winters.

So, if you notice any mood shift in your canine friend, they stop eating, or any other change, cheer them up. You can do it by following the tips mentioned below:

Establish the Exercise Routine

Dogs often show signs of anxiety after a new family addition or any big move. So, to remove their distress, try walking them at specific time intervals. It will build a sense of consistency in them. Moreover, the increase in their physical activity will spark endorphin production in them. It prevents dog obesity which results in compound depression in the future.

Decorate their Space

What To Do If Your Dog Seems Depressed

Dogs are brilliant, and they understand everything. So, make them feel special and loved by decorating their space. Decorate your empty walls with wall art or pictures of your pet with you. When they see interesting photos and prints around them, they will feel special. It will boost them with love and confidence.

Reward Positive Behavior

Though you may feel tempted to comfort your pets with toys to change their dull mood, it will reinforce their emotions. They will associate rewards with negativity. So, make sure not to reward undesirable actions with new toys. Instead, try to get them to perform fun and healthy activities, such as walking.

Consult the Vet

Sometimes dogs suffer from anxiety and depression due to physical causes. So, when you see your dog looking unhappy, consult with a veterinary doctor. The veterinarian can give medications, some anti-anxiety aids or antidepressants to calm the nerves of dogs.

Do Socializing

Decorate your empty walls with wall art

Whether you take your dog to meet your friend’s dog or visit a dog park. Having a
companion will surely improve the mood of your dog. If you lose an older dog, the younger one will feel lonely. So, you can uplift his mood by bringing a new companion for him. A new friend is the best way to help your pet in a tough time.

Teach your Dog a New Trick

The best way to increase your dog’s focus is to teach him some new tricks. In this way, you can exercise their energy positively. In addition, you will spend extra time with your dog while teaching, which can be very helpful.

Try Natural Remedies or Supplements

Fatty acids from omega-3s and omega-6s can support everything starting from your dog’s brain to his immune system. In addition, their inflammatory properties can boost their mood. As dogs can produce these themselves, feed them natural dog food, including supplements like high-quality fish oil, etc. Another type of supplement that can enhance your dog’s mood is Probiotics.

Spend More Time With the Dog

Spend More Time With the Dog

Whenever your dog feels depressed, the best antidote is spending extra time with them. As your dog considers you his parent, so you are more than anything for him. So, you can break their negative feelings by simple gestures like feeding them or taking them for a walk. Also, play with them as much as you can and sit with them while watching movies.

Get Some Sunshine

Dogs were originally wild animals, so they love the outdoors and nature. It is still rooted in the instincts of every dog. So, his depression can be due to the lack of outdoor activities. Try to get your dogs outside more and play throw and fetch games with them in your yard. It will surely cheer them up, and you will see a lot of improvement.

Make Sure Your Dog is Eating

Add a topper to your dog’s food temporarily to encourage him to eat. Sometimes sudden diet changes can lead to indigestion, so ensure not to switch a complete meal abruptly. Take some treats with you while walking. When your dog plays or acts good, give him a treat. It will encourage their good behavior.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes your dog needs a little help from his loving parent. So follow the tips mentioned above, and hopefully, your dog will get through depression and get back to being happy.