Do You Know Why Your Dog Sleeps With You? Benefits And Curiosities

If you still do not know why your dog sleeps with you or the great benefits it brings, read on. Also, depending on where or how you rest, it could mean different things. Do you want to know a little more?

What factors influence your dog sleeping with you?

 dog sleeps with you
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There are many factors that can lead to your pet sleeping in bed , with you. According to some psychologists, the sex and age of both the pet and the owner can intervene. In some cases, the person's marital status also influences.

Having this furry friend serves, also, as therapy for certain people. Pets can help us a lot in relieving stress or loneliness, for example. In addition many people better reconcile the dream to know that their animal is accompanying them almost at all times. There are really many benefits that come with sleeping with our pet.

When asked why they sleep with us, it's easy … they look for our company and our love. Many seek the warmth and comfort offered by a bed and even better if the owner is with them. If you do not like your dog to get into bed, try to educate him from a young age. If on the contrary we always raise it from a puppy to our place to sleep, when they grow up they will want to do it too.

The dog sleeps with you and over

 dog sleeps with you
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There are many dogs that tend to climb on top of the owner, to fall asleep. The reason is because for them it is the best place in the world, where to take a nap. Maybe with the puppies there is no problem, they hardly weigh. But when the puppy becomes an adult it will be much more complicated to carry the load, and even more so when they are big and heavy. If you do not want to have this habit, try to get the puppies not to catch it.

The dog sleeps with you and your feet

 dog sleeps with you
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This sleeping position is one of the most usual, in our beloved dogs. It's a way to protect ourselves and feel confident. Your pet will relax with you and it will not bother you as much as if you slept on it. Have you noticed where your furry pet sleeps?

The dog sleeps with you on your legs

 dog sleeps with you
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Maybe you can not move much during the night, but he's so adorable! If this position sounds like your pet just looks for a comfortable place, and what better to do on or between the owner's legs. This is one of the main reasons, that wants to be stuck to you. If you do not want to take this habit you must teach it from puppy where is your bed. This way you will avoid future discomforts. Otherwise, enjoy your pet as much as you want.

The dog sleeps next to you

 dog sleeps with you
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Dogs really like to sleep anyway, whenever stuck to the owner. If it sleeps next to you and next to your head it is because it has become accustomed, it smells like you and you give it warmth. This habit of many pets also brings us many benefits. Remember that many animals love to sleep in a pack and you are their pack. In what position does your dog like to sleep?

Benefits of your dog sleeping with you

 dog sleeps with you
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With the little ones

If you have a child it is recommended that Sleep with your pet especially if he is afraid of the dark or maybe he is very nervous. Dogs will bring you peace of mind and high self-esteem. Also if he is very nervous with the dog, he calms down. Sleeping with the pet will bring you many benefits, starting with the fact that you will sleep much better and safer.

Reinforcement of affective ties

Sleeping with our pet greatly reinforces the affective ties between owner and herself. The union, self-esteem and strength of the dog will be increased, as well as the owner's. If you do not know how to strengthen the ties, here is a good idea.

Take care of what happens to you

Sleeping with the pet gives us more security, and not just the children. Whatever happens to you, your faithful friend will be there to warn you. Dogs activate their protective instincts and you will not have to fear for practically nothing. Your dog loves you and will not let anything bad happen to you.

Your pet keeps you from the cold

Something I love is the warmth that pets provide in winter. Sometimes you do not need to light a stove or something similar, just a blanket and your pet next to or on top. Of course, in winter they are the best to warm up. Both dogs and cats are a delight at this time of year.

Think that the body temperature of dogs is 40 degrees Celsius, this gives us a heat that is not even the best blanket. The truth is that your pet will also avoid moisture that gets into your bones. Both the cold and the humidity can be kept at bay using our pet, like a nice blanket.

As you can see, dogs are ideal bed partners that offer us many benefits. We can sleep much better, warm and comfortable. We will also reinforce the ties of union towards it and overcome fears, sometimes fools. In children it increases self-esteem and favors its good development.

Dogs sleep with us simply because they want us and want to be as close as possible to us. In addition, if from puppies we increase this by raising them to the bed or on top of us, constantly from older people they will want to do the same. The only problem is that if the dog belongs to a large and heavy dog ​​breed, we will not be able to bear it in the future . While the dog sleeps at our feet, it can happen … but if it wants to sleep on us it will bother us.

It is very important that the person who is going to acquire a dog is informed of the breed and knows more or less what can grow and weigh in the future. In this way always think about what you do not want to do in the future and if you see that sleeping with you is impossible, start to make them understand since they were little.

Does your dog sleep with you? What is the Which position do you usually adopt when you fall asleep? Do you want to know how to train an adult dog?