5 Tips to Walk With Your Cat on The Street!

If you have the illusion of walking with your cat down the street, in Wamiz we want to give you the best advice so that you can do it. But if there is one that stands out above the rest, that is to have patience. Much encouragement!

Surely on more than one occasion you’ve been looking at the people who walk their dogs in the park and have thought: why my cat can not also walk around the street? And is that this statement is not necessarily true, since there are cats able to walk on the street, to the delight of their owners. However, as you may have imagined, it is not a simple task, since it requires a lot of patience and dedication from the owners. If you have ever felt this need, from Wamiz we want to offer you the best advice to get it, but, as always (and even more so in the case of cats), each animal is a world and you will be the one who knows best which way go drinking at any time.

When you first start, better

As with practically all training routines for animals, the ideal is to start when they are still puppies . In that stage, the animal is still building its personality, so it is much more malleable. This happens in both cats and dogs, what happens is that the dog is easier to train to adulthood than the cat, whose personality is much less porous to new habits. Cats are home animals and, in fact, the life expectancy is tremendously greater in animals that do not leave home than in those animals that do have the habit of leaving, since they are much more exposed to all types of aggressions, whether of parasites, other animals and even external factors such as traffic.

You have to understand that the belt is not an enemy

To achieve this, it is best that we let him play with him during the days previous . He will not know what it is for and will even play with it. Approach her to her bed and sleep with her, so the moment of truth will not be so traumatic. The strap must be harnessed, so as not to exert force on your throat but on your chest. Ideally, we put the strapless harness first, to see how it reacts. We must leave him with it so that he normalizes it and almost forget that he is wearing it, so it will be much easier when putting on the belt.

First start walking around the house

Once you’ve got used to the harness, it’s time to put the leash on it. Start taking small walks around your house and learn from your animal assimilate how it reacts to certain stimuli and talk to it always with a didactic and affectionate tone. Sudden movements and shouting in the case of cats are very counterproductive and can make the experience very unpleasant. Go lengthening the walks around your house every day a little more, until you see that the animal is doing it naturally. Once you have overcome this, it is time to go outside.

Try to go to a quiet place

If your cat is used to going out, even in a carrier, it will be quite advanced time to take the next step. Cats are extremely curious animals. They will want to investigate it and smell it all, so what will worry you least will be the fact of taking a walk with you. Once again, be patient. The first time you should go to a very quiet place, a little-traveled park or a street without traffic . It is very convenient that you carry a cage or carrier with you in case things get ugly. You should never let go of the leash, because the cat can get scared and at the moment it is totally unpredictable. We recommend that you put a security measure, tying it with a second tie at your waist.

Do not despair if you do not get it

As we anticipated at the beginning of this text, this is not an easy task. There are more intrepid animals that will attract more attention and others instead prefer to lie on the couch. If you see that the experience becomes traumatic for the animal and frustrating for you, leave it alone, there are thousands of ways to have fun with your cat indoors .