Cats also have their displays of affection and affection, although they do so with their own behaviors and body gestures.

As we explained How your dog tells you “I love you”, in the case of cats, there are also clear signs that your cat loves you. Knowing how to recognize them is very simple. Next, we will show you how to decipher the body language of cats and thus better understand their affection.


How to know that your cat loves you

So that you can perceive their signals perfectly, we list below 10 affectionate behaviors of cats, an undoubted proof of their love.

1. The purr

The purring of your cat can express much. If you are stroking him and he purrs, making a sound between deep and soft, it is a sign of love. He’s comfortable with you and this is his way of showing you.

2. Lift the tail

It is perhaps the most difficult sign to perceive, since cats raise their tails showing alertness and nervousness. But in case they rub against you and lift it up at the same time, slightly twisting its tip, it is a symbol of affection for you.

3. Knead you

Cats have the instinct, from birth, to knead their mother’s belly to promote milk production, before being breastfed. So if your cat kneads you, it means that she shows great affection towards you, as if you were her mother.

4. He rubs with you

When he does it with his head or his face it is a sign of affection and reinforcement of the bond between you. In this way, your cat usually marks what produces affinity, since it produces pheromones in that part of its body, with which it signals as an act of possession.

5. Looks at you and blinks

Staring at you and blinking slowly is a sign of confidence towards you, a way of expressing your affection and the security that you produce.

6. Licks you

The click of a cat is a gesture of wanting to take care of you, so there is no doubt that, before its lick, it is telling you that it loves you and is going to protect you.

7. It nibbles you

If you feel his tender nibbles, without exerting any pressure, it is because he is playing with you and, therefore, he loves you, giving you all the confidence. However, if those bites are forceful, it may be for other reasons such as that he feels intimidated, has discomfort or simply wants to play or does not want more caresses at that time.

8. Brings you a gift

You may be surprised to find that your feline friend brings you dead or even live prey, such as a mouse. But, undoubtedly, he considers you family and is sharing a delicious snack with you, from his cat perspective.

9. Sleep close to you

The cat’s dream is synonymous with vulnerability, so when they sleep with you they show you their trust and, therefore, their affection.

10. It is placed belly up

This is an undoubted gesture. Standing on your belly is a huge display of affection. He exposes himself to you, at the same time he asks you for a caress. Will you resist such tenderness?

When those displays of affection from cats are missing

Each feline shows affection in its own way. There are many cat personalities. As you get to know your cat, you will know how to identify his affectionate behaviors and also his moments when he needs his space. Little by little you will create your own bond and enjoy your mutual affection.

If you feel that your cat is listless or does not show any of these signs of affection towards you, it can be for several reasons, such as feeling unwell, due to possible parasites. Do not miss it, go to your veterinarian to have it checked and make sure it is protected inside and out, with the Double Monthly Protection. Sometimes the symptoms are not appreciated, but it can be infested with internal or external parasites such as worms, fleas, ticks or other mites.