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Pet Diseases: Importance of Regular Check-ups

Protect your pet’s health with regular check-ups. Learn about the importance of early detection and prevention of pet diseases.

If you’re a responsible fur parent, regular visits to the vet is a no-brainer. You already know how important it is to do routine check-ups, no matter how much they cost you.

But if you’re just a new fur mom or dad, let this be a friendly reminder that pets are much like your children, too. They need medical attention every now and then. Especially if they’re hurting or if symptoms are visible.

Regular check-ups can indeed cut deep through your pocket. But keep in mind that the price of these routine visits is a small thing compared to the expenses that you might need to shell out in case an emergency happens (knock on wood).

Below are some of the diseases and infections that your pet can get if they are not checked by a licensed vet regularly. Remember that these are all easily preventable if consulting a veterinarian is part of your routine as a fur parent.

1. Eye and ear infections

We know what you’re thinking. You think that cherry-eye inflammations are nothing too serious so we should just chill out. You might be right. But these inflammations look harmless only at the beginning. But if not treated early, your pet could go blind.

Just like eye infections, ear infections also look normal at first. But they could pose a big risk to your pet if not detected or treated early. Normally, ear infections are caused by parasites. If not given proper medical attention, this condition could be fatal.

We also advise you not to treat these infections at home. If you don’t know even a hint of what you’re doing, we suggest that you leave it to the experts. You can only worsen the condition of your pets and bring more harm rather than good.

2. Allergies

Have you seen your pet relentlessly scratching its body? It could be a sign of an allergy. And in case you don’t know, allergies can lead to major infections if you just brush it off.

Often, the scratching and itching are caused by wounds on their body. Wounds, as harmful as they may be, could be a good tell-tale sign of underlying conditions.

Bring your pet to the vet immediately if the itching and scratching don’t stop.

3. Urinary Tract Infection

One of the tell-tale signs of UTIs in pets is the colour of their urine. If you see the sudden change in the colour of your pet’s pee. It might be best to bring them to the vet.

There are several factors why your pet gets infected by this disease. Cleanliness of their environment, food, and drink are only some of the main reasons. That’s why it’s also important that you clean their cage and their utensils to avoid such conditions.

4. Arthritis

Your pets are not exempted from joint and muscle pains. They will eventually start to feel the burden of old age. They can no longer be as active as they used to be, or jump as high as they used to during the old days just to devour a treat.

But the good thing is, the pain caused by arthritis is manageable or treated. But they must be observed first by vets that are specialising in this condition. aAfter the assessment, only then will they provide you with the next steps of what to do.

These are only some of the conditions or infections that your pet will have to go through if their overall health is not maintained.

As you can see, all of these diseases are easily preventable, and the only thing you must do is to bring them to the vet regularly.

If you do this, we’re sure your pet will love you and will behave like a good girl and a good boy and from now on!

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