Dog Clothes: Which is The Best of 2021?

Dogs come well equipped with fur to cope with the weather. But there are several reasons why the hair is not enough to protect them from the cold and rain. Many dogs are living in different ecosystems than where they originally appeared. On the contrary, others have been changing with respect to their ancestors.

So, here we will help you understand why your most beloved pet needs clothes and, sometimes, even shoes to go outside depending on what places and temperatures. And we will learn more about this market, which is becoming increasingly fashionable. Dog clothes are not out of vanity, but out of necessity. We hope it will be of great help to you.

The most important

  • Dogs need clothing on certain occasions, such as on very cold or rainy days, in order to maintain their health in the face of temperatures.
  • Even the accessories market now offers footwear for dogs that is very useful when the dogs are going to walk for a long time through places with difficult terrain. For example, due to gravel or when the ground is going to be very hot. If your dog has sensitive pads, this garment will be very helpful for their well-being.
  • It will be very important for your pet that the fabric and shape of the garment you choose is very comfortable so that it does not damage the skin. And also so that it is not annoying in parts such as the union of its trunk with the legs or in the area of ​​the tail.
  • The most important part of a dog to cover is the lower back because it suffers the most from the cold. So, always make sure that the length of the article of clothing you are going to buy fits the length of your pet’s trunk.
  • For animals, comfort prevails over beauty. The style of the garment will matter to you. Therefore, even if you want it to be in the latest fashion, prioritize that the garment is comfortable for your body and created with quality materials.

The best dog clothes on the market: our favorites

In this section you will see a compilation of the five most popular clothing items that you can find this year on the market. The list is accompanied by a detailed explanation of each of the products so that you can get to know them better. There is a wide range of clothing items, which you can choose based on your tastes, your needs and those of your pet.

  • The best waterproof coat for dogs
  • Cheapest Small Dog Clothes
  • The ideal flannel dog clothes for its value for money
  • The best casual style dog clothes
  • The best waterproof clothing for high-end dogs

The best waterproof coat for dogs

This waterproof coat is made of nylon and polyester. It is a product created for cold temperatures.

It has a D-ring on each side of the zipper to hook the strap. It works like a harness and prevents the rain.

Buyers stand out from this coat that weighs very little, is easy to put on, has a soft touch and is kind to the dog’s skin. It is very important to measure the chest, neck and back well.

Cheapest Small Dog Clothes

Close to 60% of 5-star ratings endorse this coat for small dogs, that’s nothing! It is a garment made of very pleasant cotton and polyester. Available in various colors and sizes. It’s a cheap, warm, hooded garment.

To calculate the appropriate size, the manufacturer insists on the need to measure the neck and chest circumference of your pet, in addition to the length of the back.

The ideal flannel dog clothes for its value for money

It is a monkey that covers the body of the dog from the neck to its four legs, without reaching the ground. It is made of flannel. It is to go out in winter and you can choose five sizes and three colors. If you are hesitating between two sizes, manufacturers recommend opting for the larger one.

Users value that it is soft, that it is warm and its great value for money. They also claim that it is easy to put on. He wears an embroidered hood.

The best casual style dog clothes

If you are looking for a casual or vintage style for your furry, you have already found it! It is an ideal garment for the less cold seasons made of cotton and polyester.

It comes in different colors, but all in worn denim, your pet will love it!

It is indicated for small dogs and has 4.4 out of 5 stars awarded by users, who value its design and good quality.

The best waterproof clothing for high-end dogs

This waterproof and reversible dog coat offers two styles. One side is waterproof and the other is soft and flexible and made of cotton. The design stands out for using the typical British paintings in brown and beige tones .

It is flexible to fit various sizes and is machine washable.

Buyers note that it is comfortable to put on and adaptable thanks to its flexible closure. It does not cover the legs of the animal. Protect from the rain and warm.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Dog Clothes

In the following lines we are going to answer the questions that as a dog owner you are likely to ask yourself. We will focus on the most frequent doubts and offer appropriate advice guided by experts. There is an eternal debate about whether or not to put clothes on a dog when he leaves the house. And here you will also find an answer to this matter.

Does my dog ​​need clothes?

Many people claim that dogs do not need clothes because nature has already equipped them with fur. While it is true that nature is wise, you have to think that many breeds of dogs are not living in their original habitat and their hair is not adapted to the place where they live. And not only that, most races have varied with respect to their ancestors.

Dogs are almost always at home and going out in cold climates is a big change in temperature that can be harmful to their health. The eternal debate is on this question. Many say that it is not necessary to put clothes on a dog, but it has been studied that it simply depends a lot on each animal. If you see that your pet cannot adapt, avoid it.

What kind of dog needs clothes whenever it’s cold?

It is very important that small animals use it, since many of the breeds lose heat more quickly and that leads to needing shelter. In addition, it is also convenient to shelter dogs that have little fur. Elderly dogs need warm clothing. Especially if they suffer from osteoarthritis, since the cold makes them suffer more.

Also puppies, who are more likely to get sick while they are strengthening their defenses. Anyway, these, being more playful, can also be uncomfortable with clothes. On the other hand, those with a lot of hair will need clothes when it rains to avoid getting their hair too wet.

On what occasions do dogs with great fur also require clothes?

There are breeds of dogs that can live perfectly in cold climates such as Siberian husky, shar-pei, samoyed or chow chow, among others. But other breeds, no matter how long external hair they have, may not have enough undercoat to deal with the winter wind.

However, if it has a lot of fur and it is raining, it can be very practical to put on a raincoat or waterproof jacket to go outside. For the comfort of the animal and yours. If your pet comes home soaked, you will have to clean and dry it as soon as possible so that it does not smell bad. And it will be more comfortable for him to avoid that humidity as much as possible.

Can dog clothes be annoying?

Yes you can. That is why it will be very important that you buy a garment of the appropriate size and made of a soft material that is kind to your pet’s skin. Some dogs, when you put a piece of clothing on them, they feel that you want to dominate it. And that is not to the liking of a dog. Also, if it’s not cold or your dog has a lot of hair, a piece of clothing can make it very hot.

On the other hand, dogs that play and jump a lot can be really uncomfortable with clothes on. So, in that case, look for clothes that are convenient and that do not limit your dog’s movements. It can also be very unpleasant to wear a coat that is not waterproof when it rains. That case forces the dog to walk with wet clothes on.

What parts of my pet’s body should dog clothes cover?

The most important thing is that the garment that you put on your pet covers from its neck to the entire back and to the beginning of the tail. If it is shorter, it will expose the lower back. This, like it happens to us humans, is a part of the spine that suffers from the cold. If your pet has cervical problems, it is essential to cover his neck.

In addition, there are garments that cover the legs of the animal and its rear, leaving a hole to insert the tail. This is less important, but it can be useful on very cold days or if you are spending many hours outside when the temperatures are low. If you are going to walk a lot or your dog is very playful, avoid covering the legs, as it can limit mobility.

Are there special clothes for dogs with osteoarthritis?

In addition to coats or raincoats, there are also garments on the market created to help your pet make his osteoarthritis less painful. Protectors are especially recommended in cases of osteoarthritis located in the elbows, hips, knees, among others. These supports will keep the joint warm. It is very important to avoid the cold in this case.

There are also waterproof thermal coats that protect both from cold and humidity. They are made with materials such as polyester bonded to polypropylene. It should be remembered that osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints and that it is very common in dogs. It can be very painful and causes inflammation of the joints.

What if my dog ​​doesn’t want his clothes?

You can try with other clothes to see if it is a matter of your choice or if there is something else. If you see that nothing you try on your pet likes, then he probably won’t be convinced by wearing something. If it is still necessary to do so, you can educate him.

Dogs are intelligent animals. They learn easily. Choose comfortable clothes and let them adapt to them. They can smell them and you should put them near places that your dog likes, like his bed, so that he becomes familiar with his new clothes. You can also give her a treat when she has been wearing it for a while without wanting to take it off.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of my dog ​​wearing clothes?

As a summary of the various reasons that exist in the eternal debate about whether your pet should wear clothes or not, we are going to make a comparative and easy-to-understand chart, in order to better help you make a decision.

Is dog clothing the same as a harness?

It is true that harnesses can be very stylish, sophisticated and made to shelter part of the animal’s body. And also that there are clothes that come with hooks included to tie to the strap with which to go for a walk. But they are not the same. Each one has a function and they are usually a complement, used together.

It should be borne in mind that, as a general rule, parts of the body that are very sensitive to cold, such as the neck or lower back, are not usually covered by a harness. It is best to use both clothes to go out on the street safely, with your pet restrained in places with traffic and traffic. And without the cold or rain being a problem for your dog.

Can dog clothes cause my pet allergy?

According to studies, there are breeds, such as West Highland Terriers, Shar Pei, Labradors, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Boxers, whose skin is more sensitive if you put clothes on them. For animals of these characteristics, the simple rubbing and sewing of a garment can create reactions and skin problems. See if she has any redness that is not common.

In general, it should be said that clothes do not have to create allergies, they are only specific cases. Whether your animal is sensitive or not, always make sure that the fabric is of quality, soft and comfortable. If it creates allergic reactions, you can buy an ointment to solve the problem, or if you see that it can be something complicated, go to the vet.

In addition to clothes, are there shoes for my dog?

Yes. It is not that common, but dog shoes and even non-slip socks have also been created. Many breeds of dog have very sensitive paw pads, especially when it is cold or there are rough terrain that can puncture them. Most models are attached to the bottom of the legs with a velcro to close them.

The objective is to protect the pads, but without reducing the mobility of the dog’s leg joints. Many animals will not be comfortable at first, according to experts, who also say that it is a matter of getting used to this new supplement. The aim is to offer comfort to your pet on stony soils.

What kind of dog shoes are there to complement your clothes?

There are mainly two styles of footwear for your pet to cover their paw pads. On the one hand, there are those that are like a reinforced sock with a flexible sole. If your dog has never worn shoes, use this model. You will notice some sensitivity about how the ground you are walking is like, although it does not protect from very hot surfaces.

There are also slippers in the style of baby shoes, with a stiffer sole. Indicated for walks on asphalt, concrete or stone if the dogs have sensitive pads. Also avoid high temperatures. It takes more time for dogs to get used to wearing these shoes, but in certain circumstances it may be very necessary.

Purchase criteria

Dog clothes can be very useful and necessary for your pet at certain times. But you have to take into account very important aspects if you want your purchase to be useful and please your four-legged friend. Sometimes people wear clothes to look good and we don’t mind being uncomfortable about it. But in dogs, this is not the case. Comfort is a priority.

  • Size
  • Design
  • Closures
  • Thickness
  • Allergies


Every time you go to buy a garment, there will be specific indications related to the measurement of your dog’s neck or the length and diameter of its trunk. It is important that you measure it and that, in addition, you buy a size a little larger than those measurements so that the animal is not tight. Also try not to be too loose, so that it does not rub against the movement.

Remember that, as we mentioned, it is very important that the lower back is covered because it is the part of the body that suffers the most from the cold. So if you have a pet with a very long body, try to find a specific garment for its breed so that the clothes you buy do not fulfill its function only partially.


What your dog will like most about his clothes is that they are comfortable. Therefore, it must be a design made for your body. There are many dog ​​clothing items created according to global trends for people. Any design will be fine, fashionable or not, as long as it respects the body of your animal.

There are veterinarians who recommend avoiding designs that have very small ornaments. Do not forget that dogs love to discover and play and an ornament, such as feathers or fringes, or a button, can be their target and the animal could swallow it. Skirts can annoy some pets, as they see something sticking out that they cannot get to play with.


Make sure the garment is simple to put on, especially if your dog does not want his clothes. Many of those that exist can be placed on the spine and then closed on the belly with a non-detachable plastic snap closure that closes and opens quickly. Another very safe option is the zipper, although it takes a little longer to close.

The snap or velcro will also work. Another option is to put the garment in the neck and the legs of the animal to place it. This is indicated if you have a small dog that likes to put on clothes, since it takes longer. Putting on buttons is discouraged as they open easily and your dog may want to play with them and break or swallow them.


As with the clothes we wear, the thickness must be adapted to the temperatures. If it is colder, make sure that the garment you put on your pet is thicker than on less icy days. The common thing is to have several garments that adapt to the needs. Very thick clothing can be uncomfortable for a dog.


In addition to buying quality materials, it is very important that the garment is easily washable. It is very important to be able to remove dirt and mites from clothes often so that your pet does not have problems with his skin. In general, it is not common for clothing to cause allergies more than certain breeds, as we have already mentioned above.


When you have a pet as part of your life, you have to be very aware of its well-being. Cold climates and rains can affect dogs and, to protect them from this, there are very comfortable clothes that will make your walks more pleasant. When choosing clothes, you should prioritize the comfort of design and materials before fashion or beauty.

There are a lot of clothes to cover the trunk of a dog and even its legs. There are also even footwear, convenient to protect the pads. It is all a matter of choosing what your dog needs, depending on the shape of his body, his hair and the utility you want to give his clothes. If he doesn’t like it at first, you can always educate him and get used to it.